Comedian. Singer. Actor. Writer.

I grew up in a coastal town in Gippsland.  The youngest of three, seeking attention was always a necessity.  I decided to pursue comedy late in 2011 through a chance sighting of an advertisement for a comedy workshop.  It turned out that it had been the missing link in my life thus far, and the perfect outlet for my creativity, which to that point, had only appeared in random, uncategorised outbursts.  I developed 5 minutes of material, made some contacts and have gone from there.

My love of classical voice began much earlier with a home viewing of a VCR recorded production of Opera Australia’s; The Pirates of Penzance.  Upon the 10th viewing I was an official Helen Donaldson impersonator.

Never pursuing it properly, I only took up VCE music in year 12 when I realised I needed another subject.  Now I find myself in the last year of a Bachelor of Music at The University of Melbourne, wondering where to go next…

I hope to be a dabbler in many a thing over the timeslot that will be allocated to ‘career’.  Singer, comedian, actor and radio and television presenter.  The common thread between all of these is the requirement for constant improvement of and dedication to your craft.



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